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  Comparison Data for Pultruded Shapes      
  DPP High Modulus*   DPP   Standard
  Inch-Pound   Metric   Inch-Pound   Metric   Inch-Pound   Metric
Fiber Volume 63%   63%   63%   63%   60%   60%
Tensile Strength 348 ksi   2.40 Gpa   363 ksi   2.50 Gpa   250 ksi   1.72 Gpa
Tensile Modulus 34.9 msi   240 Gpa   20.7 msi   140 Gpa   19.5 msi   134 Gpa
Compression Strength 145 ksi   1.00 Gpa   232 ksi   1.60 Gpa   NA   NA
Ultimate Elongation 1.10%   1.1%   2%   2%   1.20%   1.20%
Glass Transition Temp. 254°F   120°C   254°F   120°C   345°F   160°C
Fiber or Equivalent Toho Tenax UMS45 F22   Torayca T700   Not Specified
Resin Type Bisphenol A Epoxy Resin   Bisphenol A Epoxy Resin   Bisphenol Epoxy Vinyl Ester
  *Available in a limited      
  number of sizes & shapes.      
Recommend flat storage not to exceed 150° F for long duration.
  This data is to be used as a design guide only, not a certification of properties.    
  This information has been furnished by the respective manufacturer and is not guaranteed to be completely accurate.    
  Users are advised to make their own tests to determine the safety and suitability of each product or product combinations
  for their purposes. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, we sell the products without warranty, loss or damage arising  
  from handling and use of our products, whether used alone or in combination with other products. Updated: Jan. 2011