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Vacuum Bagging Equipment

Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump, 1/8 hp, 25.5 in. hg, 1.1 cfm

1/8 hp Gast pump
25.5 in. Hg., 1.1 CFM
  E102 $453.55

Regulator Assembly Regulator Assembly for vacuum pumps includes vacuum gauge, push-in fitting, relief valve, hex nipple and cross fitting

Push-In Vacuum Line Quick Release
Vacuum Relief Valve
Vacuum Gauge
Cross Fitting
Hex Nipple
  E200 $99.75

Push-In Vacuum Line Quick Release Push-in Vacuum Line Quick Release for 1/4 in. vacuum line

Fits 1/4" vacuum line
  E201 $3.60

Vacuum Relief Valve Vacuum Relief Valve

Set and maintain constant vacuum pressure
  E202 $45.35

Vacuum Gauge Liquid Filled Vacuum Gauge   E203 $40.80

Hex Nipple Hex Nipple   E204 $3.35

Cross Fitting Cross Fitting   E205 $7.35

Filter/Trap Filter/Trap for vacuum pumps, includes hex nipple

Traps liquid before it can enter the pump, Includes an extra hex nipple
  E209 $77.10

Prices are in US dollars and subject to change without notice.