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Tips for Model Builders

Tips for Model Builders
Tips for Working with Epoxy!

Surface temperatures of dark parts can easily reach up to 200° F. Use an epoxy system such as Pro-Set or MGS, post cure for high temperatures. WEST SYSTEM works great on wood and fiberglass construction and painted light colors.

Decrease the viscosity of your epoxy by putting the mixing pot in a pan of warm water. This will thin the epoxy making it easier to spread, however it does shorten the pot life. Adding solvents to reduce the viscosity will reduce the strength and slow the cure.

Increase the strength of epoxy joints by adding fibrous filler such as milled glass, WEST SYSTEM, Microfibers, or chopped carbon fiber.

Save weight using WEST SYSTEM Microlight filler with epoxy as sanding filler. It is lighter than microballoons and sands easily.

Use a plastic pot or un-waxed paper cup for mixing epoxy. Use the square end of the mixing stick to reach into the corners of the cup for a consistent mix, stirring at least 1 full minute for small batches. Use the rounded end of the mixing stick for shaping fillets.