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Graphlite Data



These high performance carbon shapes are produced by packing a high volume of carbon fiber into epoxy resin under tension resulting in an unmatched tensile and compression stength.

These shapes are twice the stiffness of Aluminum.

Compared to a wet lay-up of Carbon Tow the shapes are:
350% Stronger in Tension
550% Stronger in Compression

No release agents are used in their production so the rods have excellent adhesion.

GRAPHLITE Micro Carbon Rods Minimum Properties
Tensile Strength 320 ksi / 3.10 GPa
Tensile Modulus 19.5 msi / 134 GPa
Compressive Strength 270 ksi / 1.90 GPa
Compressive Modulus 19.0 msi / 131 Gpa
Fiber Volume 67%
Ultimate Tensile Strain 1.30%
Diameter Tolerance +/- 5%
Glass Transition Temperature 100 deg C
Matrix Material Bis F Epoxy