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We are providing 2.4 oz. and 2.9 oz. carbon fabrics with a bias cut option. The illustration below will give you a visual on how we do this. The result is a parallelogram. If you order a 1-foot piece, the short side will measure 12 inches and the long side 55 inches. The most critical dimension is the 8.25 inches perpendicular to the 55 inch cut edge.

Model aircraft builders typically use this cut on the leading edge of their wings to carry torsion loads. To create a d-box, wrap the bias cut carbon from the top of the spar, around the leading edge to the bottom of the spar. The spar acts to close the d-box. To determine the amount you need to order, measure the distance around the leading edge and divide by 8.25". Round up to the next whole number and order that many feet. For example: If you measure 7" and you are making two wing d-boxes, divide 14" by 8.25" = 1.7 or 2 feet. You will receive a piece 24" on the short side, 55" on the long side and 16.5" perpendicular to the long side. See the diagram below:

Bias Cut Carbon Fiber Fabric Diagram

Carbon Fiber Fabric, 2.9 oz., Bias Cut 2.9 oz. Carbon Fiber Fabric

39.3" Wide
Price per foot, all quantities
  CF-135B-39 M $121.56


We are now offering two weights of bias cut aramid fabric for wing skins and hinges. The diagram below explains how the fabric is cut in order to obtain the +/- 45 degree fiber orientation. Since the roll width is different, notice the bias cut side of the parallelogram is 2 inches different. See the diagram below:

NOTE: The 1.0 oz. Aramid fabric is 39.37" wide so the diagram shows the correct dimensions. However, the 1.7 oz. Aramid fabric is only 38" wide, so the long bias cut side would only be 53" long, instead of 55".

Bias Cut Aramid Fabric Diagram

Aramid Fabric, 1.0 oz., Bias Cut K11X.jpg

39.3" Wide, Plain Weave
Price per foot, all quantities
  KBC111 $29.15

Aramid Fabric, 1.7 oz., Bias Cut Aramid (Kevlar ®) Woven Fabric, 1.7 oz./sq. yd.

38" Wide, Plain Weave
Price per foot, all quantities
  KBC121 $18.10

Prices are in US dollars and subject to change without notice.