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"Composite Basics" by Andrew C. Marshall Composite Basics 7th Edition by Andrew C. Marshall

Excellent background book for the technically oriented. Topics include: structural fibers, fabrics, core materials including honeycomb, forming core materials, resin matrix, molding methods and tooling, wet resin and honey-comb cores, designing with composite structures, calculating stresses and loads, adhesives and bonding, load testing as well as appendix with fiberglass cross-reference, Kevlar styles and properties of carbon fibers. 5th edition, 188 pages
  L105 $33.54

"The Fiberglass Manual" by Keith Noakes The Fiberglass Manual by Keith Noakes

Written with the layman in mind, the book covers materials, tools and equipment, health and safety, repairing existing components, modifying and strengthening existing moldings, designing and making patterns, making molds, wet lay-up techniques, curing times and methods, releasing compounds from molds and resin casting. 128 Pages
  L113 $23.55
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"Fiberglass & Other Composite Materials" by Forbes Airel Fiberglass & Other Composite Materials 2nd Edition by Forbes Airel

Revised and updated edition offers the latest technology and equipment to help you construct and repair your own light weight components. Excellent how-to book describing the materials, techniques and tools as well as procedures to give you an excellent working knowledge involved to safely build and repair high quality components. 154 pages
  L106 $23.55
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"Moldless Composite Sandwich Construction, 4th Edition" by Burt Rutan Moldless Composite Sandwich Construction 4th Edition by Burt Rutan

Step-by-step instructions for foam cores home built aircraft. Large format with many illustrations.
  L110 $19.90


West System Epoxy "How-To" DVD West System Epoxy How-To DVD

DVD - A guide to optimum use of WEST SYSTEM brand epoxy products. Includes Basic Application Techniques (19 min.), Fiberglass/Composite Repair (25 min.), & Gelcoat Blister Repair (15 min.)
  L002-898 $20.25
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"Fiberglass Boat Repair & Maintenance" Fiberglass Boat Repair & Maintenance by West System Inc.

A complete, illustrated guide to a variety of fiberglass repair problems. Includes detailed instructions on repairing delamination, keel damage and gelcoat blisters. Also covers fairing keels, hardware bonding, finishing and installing teak veneers. by Gougeon Bros. Inc., 76 pages
  L002-550 $5.05
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"Final Fairing & Finishing" Final Fairing & Finishing by West System Inc.

This guide takes you through the final steps of the building or repair process in detail. Includes techniques for fairing and barrier coating, as well as information on the characteristics and types of finishing coatings. by Gougeon Bros. Inc., 28 pages
  L002-740 $5.05
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"Gelcoat Blisters: Diagnosis, Repair & Prevention" Gelcoat Blisters: Diagnosis, Repair & Prevention by West System Inc.

The manual provides a thorough explanation of osmotic blistering, along with detailed illustrated instructions on effective laminate drying techniques, repairing localized and severe interlaminate blister damage, techniques for applying an effective epoxy barrier coat and more. by Gougeon Bros. Inc., 52 pages
  L002-650 $5.05
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"Wooden Boat Restoration & Repair" Wooden Boat Restoration & Repair by West System Inc.

This manual shows you how to do professional repairs and renovations that dramatically extend the life of your wooden boat. Dry rot repairs, structural frame repairs, and plank repairs using modern products and techniques among the many solutions covered in the fully illustrated manual. by Gougeon Bros. Inc., 80 pages
  L002-970 $5.05
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