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Making A Fiberglass Mold

Supplies needed to complete this project are listed below.

Mylar, 0.014" Thick, 24" x 6 ft   V221 $16.75

Mylar, 0.014" Thick, 48", 1-9 ft.   V211 $6.45

Partall High Temp Wax 12 oz. Tin Partall Hi-Temp Mold Release Wax, 12 oz. tin

Working Temperature to 350 F
  V207 $23.60

West System - 406 Colloidal Silica, 1.7 oz.   A406-2 $12.22

Coremat XM2 Flexible Mat - 39.37" wide, 9" pkg.   H2000 $5.30

Fiberglass Cloth, 5.8 oz., 38" wide, 2 yd. pkg.   G37330-38 $23.25

Fiberglass Cloth, 5.8 oz., 50" wide, 2 yd. pkg.   G37330-50 $28.50

West System - 105 Resin, 1 Quart   A105-A $44.22

West System - 205 Hardener, Fast Cure, 0.44 Pint   A205-A $21.96

West System Metering Pumps 300 West System Epoxy Pump Set

300 Pump Set is designed for convenient and accurate metering of all Group Size A, B and C West System resin and hardeners. The Pump Set contains one resin pump and two hardener pumps.

The pumps are calibrated to deliver the proper working ratio. One full pump stroke of the resin pump and one full stroke of the hardener pump delivers .8 fl. oz. for the 105/205 or 105/206 combinations or .9 fl. oz for the 105/207 or 105/209 mixtures.
  A300 $16.16

Reusable Mixing Sticks, 8/pkg. 804-8 West System Reusable Mixing Sticks, 8/pkg.   A804-8 $3.71

8 oz. Poly Mixing Pot West System Poly Mixing Pot, 8 oz.   A5001 $0.65

1/2" Glue Brushes, 12/pkg. 803-12 West System 1/2 in. Glue Brushes, 12/pkg.   A803-12 $6.09

Disposable Gloves, 4 pr./pkg. 832-4 West System Disposable Gloves, 4 pr./pkg.   A832-4 $6.45

Premium Composites Molding Kit   M2000 $157.50

Basic Composites Molding Kit   M2010 $130.20

Prices are in US dollars and subject to change without notice.