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High Strength Epoxy Adhesives


3M DP460 is specifically designed for bonding cured composites, metals and composites to metals with its very high shear and peel strength.

DP-460 Cartridge, Resin-Hardener Set, 1.69 oz. 3M DP-460 Adhesive Cartridge Set

Pot Life 60 min.
Certificates of Conformance available at time of purchase.
  A3201 $41.95

DP460 Applicator Gun 3M DP Adhesive Applicator Gun   A3210 $99.95

DP460 Mixing Nozzle, Large 3M DP Adhesive Large Mixing Nozzle   A3211 $1.55

DP460 Mixing Nozzle, Small 3M DP Adhesive Small Mixing Nozzle   A3213 $1.55

Prices are in US dollars and subject to change without notice.