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Tailbooms - Tapered Tubes

LIGHT WEIGHT TAPERED TAIL BOOMS Carbon Fiber Tailbooms, Tapered Wrapped Tubes

These light weight tapered tubes are made from layers of thin unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced with light fiberglass cloth, providing good strength and light weight.

Light Tail Boom
1.0"->0.55" OD, 42" long
  TWT5131 $89.50

Light Tail Boom
1.25"->0.45" OD, 45" long
  TWT5111 $89.50

Light Tail Boom
1.5"->0.64" OD, 45" long
  TWT5101 $89.50

Light Tail Boom
1.63"->0.84" OD, 45" long
  TWT5121 $89.50

Prices are in US dollars and subject to change without notice.