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Light Weight Carbon Fiber Fabrics



CST supplies the lightest highest quality carbon fabrics available.

All of our 1K light weight fabrics use a unique flattened tow that results in a thinner fabric which requires less epoxy resin, producing parts that are lighter.

Ultra light weight carbon fabrics start at 2 oz. per square yd. and only 0.004" thickness, with many ultra light fabrics to choose from. We also have many of the medium weight carbon fiber fabrics. All of our carbon fabrics are sold by the foot for small projects or by the full roll for larger projects.

Carbon fiber fabric is the best choice if the part must have very high strength, high stiffness at the lowest possible weight. We recommend that you use a high performance laminating epoxy system for all carbon fiber parts. Both Pro-Set and MGS Epoxy systems are excellent for use with high performance fabrics.

UNIDIRECTIONAL CARBON FABRIC 3.0 oz. High Modulus Unidirectional Carbon Fiber

CST Unidirectional Carbon Fabric is available in a wide range of weights, widths and binders.

Starting with an ultra light weight of only 1.5 oz./sq. yd. and a thickness of only 0.003 inch up to 8.85 oz./sq. yd.

Web binder uni carbon is available in 1, 2 and 12 inch widths. This material can be cut into any width or shape and is easy to handle.

High Modulus fiber unidirectional fabric is also available.

Carbon Tow works well for many small parts that need unidirectional strength. We stock Carbon Tow in 1k, 3k, 6k, 12k, and 50k bundle sizes in short lengths and full spools.

CARBON FIBER TISSUE/VEIL 0.5 oz. Carbon Fiber Tissue, Veil, 35.5 in.

CST Carbon Fiber Veil also known as Carbon Tissue is an ultra light non woven carbon fiber with random fiber orientation.

This material is compatible with all epoxy systems and is used for a smooth surface on carbon fiber parts. It is also useful to provide some stiffness to extremely light weight parts.

CST Carbon Fiber Veil is available in 0.2 oz./sq. yd. and 0.5 oz./sq. yd. weights.



CST Aramid Fabric (KevlarŪ) is an excellent choice for structures where extreme light weight, toughness and strength are goals.

KevlarŪ is a registered trademark of DuPont corporation. The generic form of the fiber is aramid. We use the generic product to help reduce the costs and offer a wider range of products.

CST Ultra light weight Aramid Fabrics are available down to 1 oz./sq. yd. in weight.

CST provides Aramid material in many forms:

  • Ultra light bidirectional fabrics
  • Bias cut short lengths of bidirectional fabric
  • Unidirectional Fabric
  • Tapes
  • Braided sleeves
  • Yarns and threads


CST Fiberglass cloth is a very cost effective composite fabric.

CST Fiberglass Fabric is available in many forms:

  • Ultra light bidirectional fabrics thru medium weights
  • Barracuda ® Fiberglass cloth
  • Unidirectional Fabric
  • Tapes
  • Braided sleeves
  • Veil or tissue
  • Chopped Strand Mat

Prices are in US dollars and subject to change without notice.