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Vacuum Bagging Small Molded Parts

Supplies needed to complete this project are listed below.

18" Bagging Tube, 3 yd. pkg.   V111 $8.35

GS95 Low Temp Vacuum Bag Sealant, 1-9 rolls   V196 $10.45

Light Weight Carbon Fiber Fabric, 2.9 oz., 39.37" wide, 1-9 ft

Price per foot, Minimum quantity 1 ft.
  CF131 $63.95

Unidirectional Carbon Fiber, 3.7 oz., 2" wide, 12 ft. pkg.

Price per package, Minimum quantity 1 pkg.
  CF379 $22.95

Sheet Wax, 0.020" thick, 12" x 12"   M421 $10.35

Prices are in US dollars and subject to change without notice.